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The Mosque near Ground Zero, continued – Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts asks:

… One wonders how far from Ground Zero … [is it] proper for Muslims to build? A mile? Twenty? A hundred? Or maybe nowhere within the borders of these United States.

Here is the entire column: A mosque to be built on our principles.

Encomium:  Leonard Pitt’s writings deserves the label ‘Commentary.’  He gets it right more often than any of the horde of professional opinionists in America today. He has the root honesty to regularly, while espousing a clear opinion on some topic, acknowledge the other side of his argument, and shows routine understanding of the typical complexities of our political and social issues. What he is not, is: what the vast majority of opinionists are, which is extreme, often disingenuous, whatever their political persuasion, and focused on saying the politic thing to their perceived constituency. He is a national treasure. I do not always agree with Leonard Pitts, but I admire his intellectual courage and honesty.

Here is a link to the Miami Herald’s collection of Leonard Pitt’s opinion columns.

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