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Celebrating Frog – street jokester of Eugene

What does a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac do at night? He lies awake contemplating the existence of doG.

Years ago, my brother Craig and I were walking together on the way to somewhere in Eugene, Oregon, when a veritable gnome of a man approached us, towing a child’s red wagon filled with what appeared to be hefty pamphlets. He introduced himself cheerfully as Frog, told us the joke above and offered to sell us one of his joke books that he carried in his red wagon.

Frog has been at this in for over 30 years, is immediately recognized by the citizens and students of Eugene, and is admired by many, tolerated by some, and occasionally chased away. He never seems fazed, and loves his self-styled life as a street jokester.

Click here for a recent story about Frog in the Eugene Daily Emerald.

Interested in his joke books? Click here to reach his Facebook store.

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