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The secret world sharply rendered

Book Book Review, Title Cryptonomicon, Author Neal Stephenson, Rating 4.0, The secret world sharply rendered


Neal Stephenson

Book Review

This is a long historical novel that dares to write with some depth around the subjects of cryptoanalysis, mathematics, computers, and operating systems. It is full of insights about the technology, about those who live that technology, and about the cultures they inhabit.

The story is a modern mystery, and it alludes to the broader histories of World War II, and modern high-tech. The mystery is reasonably well constructed, but its overall strength is in making the world of technology come alive.

The book is chock full of similes, many of them extended, and some of them good enough to engender solitary laughter. The plot can be a bit over-the-top, but all in all, it is a satisfying read, particularly if you are part of the world of technology, as I am.

A gift from my brother-in-law, Greg.

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