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Of ovules and ovaries

Flora of the Pacific Northwest, by Hitchcock and Cronquist, is an excellent dichotomous key of indigenous Pacific Northwest flora. It served as one of my texts for a class in Systematic Botany at Oregon State University, which I feared would be deathly dull (and so proved the lectures), but the laboratory turned out to be a memorable journey of exploration. The laboratory setting? The Great Outdoors.

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Oregon Scribbler.



Resident artist

My wife Cindy, for as long as I have known her, has gladly shared her artistic temperament.  She is an accomplished singer, painter, and decorator, and has adorned our lives with the beauty of her creations, some evanescent, many more corporeal.

-Oregon Scribbler,

Oregon Scribbler.


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Celia’s Lullaby

My mother, Celia Wiebe, has loved music for as long as I can remember. She often played music on the record player when we were growing up, mostly classical, and encouraged her children from their earliest ages to listen and to participate. She also sang around the house, and with her children; sometimes she sang solos or duets with my father in church. Her soprano voice sounded wonderful to me when she sang.
-Oregon Scribbler,

Oregon Scribbler.


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Home brewing: Yeast is your friend

After many years on home brew hiatus, my son Jon and I have begun brewing beer together, now that he has finished his arduous post-grad studies and has time for something other than work.  We have managed to brew two batches of beer so far, and a third is nearly finished conditioning.  We have made all of the mistakes one can make starting out, but thankfully all of the beers are drinkable.




AVID teacher

My brother Peter was pictured in the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper highlighting a program he is running for students trying to improve their grades through self-discipline and efficiency skills. The picture shows Peter and two of his students, Demetrious Wiggins and Antonio Thomas in his freshman Advancement Via Individual Determination, (AVID) class at South Eugene High School.

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