Hieronymus Bosch in L.A.

Book Briefly Noted, Title The Harry Bosch Series, Author Michael Connelly, Rating 3.5,

The Harry Bosch Series

Michael Connelly

Briefly Noted

As a relatively new Angeleno, I thought it would be fun to read a detective novel that took place in Los Angeles. The Harry Bosch novels by Michael Connelly more than fit the bill. Hieronymus Bosch, is a Los Angeles police detective, and his stories take place mostly in Central, West Los Angeles and the San Fernando valley, the three areas of Los Angeles I am most familiar with.

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Did Vermeer do it with mirrors?

Painter David Hockney has suggested that Vermeer and other photo-realistic painters like Caravaggio used optical projections techniques to assist in the production of their startlingly real paintings. This has been met with a good deal of skepticism in the art world, in particular because the means and tools for the technique are not forthcoming.  Enter tech inventor Tim Jenison. 

The Last Kingdom

Book Book Review, Title The Last Kingdom Series, Author Bernard Cornwell, Rating 3.5,

The Last Kingdom Series

Bernard Cornwell

Book Review

Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom series, ever growing, takes place around the reign of King Alfred the Great of England, and describes the forging of English, Saxon and Norse territories into the the fledgling nation of England. It is generally solid historical fiction, in that it fleshes out a historical era with care, and adds a somewhat plausible adventure story to liven up the slow turn of historical events. The main character, Uhtred of Babbenburg, like, say, Little Big Man of the Wild West, experiences and absorbs all of the main cultures of the time, providing a sturdy historical vehicle for Cornwell's tales.

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Halting steps to soul freedom

Book Book Review, Title The Global Public Square, Author Os. Guinness, Rating 2.5,

The Global Public Square

Os. Guinness

Book Review

Os Guiness' The Global Public Square oscillates between a Utopian call for a universal human rights and a sectarian application of those rights, as if the author was of two minds, wrestling with the views of Roger Williams and James Dobson.