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Simple thoughts on religion

-Oregon Scribbler,

Oregon Scribbler.


Just because you believe something to be true doesn’t mean it is true.

Conversely, just because something cannot be proven doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

This should bring pause to those who insist that religion provides no answers, as well as those who believe their religion provides the only answers. Using repeatable and verifiable tests, something can be demonstrated to be true or false. But if something cannot be tested, so is not falsifiable, then you can’t know if it is true or false. Much that comprises religion falls into this realm of being untestable, particularly the existence or non-existence of God. (Some of science does, too: Parts of scientific models of natural phenomena are as of yet untestable.)

There is a vast amount of room between these two simple thoughts, enough room for myriad views to co-exist peacefully in this world, enough truth when applied to faith-based systems of thought to allow for some pause. As strongly as one can feel or express belief in a faith or creed or ideology, an honest recognition that it is unknown as to how much truth there is at the heart of belief systems should open the door to then recognizing and acknowledging the same desire in others for a belief in a deity or the analytical rejection of same, even though different than one’s own beliefs, recognizing this as a shared human trait, a shared yearning to understand the mysteries of life.

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