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Remember the three S’s: How to succeed in show business

Broadway Danny Rose reminds us to remember our three S’s: Star, Smile, Strong.

Take a minute and learn how to succeed in show business; watch personal manager Danny Rose coach his balloon folding act.

Briefly Noted, Title Broadway Danny Rose, Studio MGM/UA, Rating 4.5,

Broadway Danny Rose (1984)

Director: Woody Allen

Briefly Noted

Clip: Danny's recipe for show business success

The top of my Woody Allen movie list is reserved for Broadway Danny Rose'. The movie opens with a scene at the Carnegie Deli, with a bunch of (actual) Borscht Belt comedians swapping stories on a lazy afternoon, and one of them begins to tell Danny’s story. Danny is a very small-time theatrical agent in New York City, kind of the Charlie Brown of agents, who never seems to get a break. He works his butt off for small-time acts: Balloon folders, waterglass musicians,one-legged tap-dancers, stuttering ventriloquists, and the like.

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