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(Post?) Modern tale of mortality

Book Book Review, Title The Subject Steve, Author Sam Lipsyte, Rating 3.0, Post-modern tale of morality

The Subject Steve

Sam Lipsyte

Book Review

Is the Subject Steve dying? Aren't we all dying? Is the Subject Steve actually Steve?

This novel is satirical, modern, often mocking the post-modern, with echoes of Kafka, only not so morose. There is a lot of Heller, that is, it is an off-balance story with a good deal of wit, constant word play, and sharp observations that rush at you, with overlapping cultural references, many twenty-first century, but some from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, also. Some of it is laugh-out-loud funny.

All in all, a bit uneven, also like Heller, but definitely a worthwhile read.

Recommended by my daughter-in-law, Jenn. Thanks, Jenn; it is about time I start reading more fiction.

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