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Nobody’s Fool: A movie that never gets old

Pocket Review, Title Nobody's Fool, Studio Paramount Pictures, Rating 4.5,

Nobody's Fool (1994)

Director: Robert Benton

Pocket Review

Clip: Sully and Rub make up

This is a story of an aging small town man with deep flaws, played superbly by Paul Newman, one who abandoned his family and has lived from hand to mouth. Yet he has built a life caring for his friends.

The story is unadorned and revolves around an uneasy attempt by his grown son to make some contact with him. He rooms in the house of his former high school teacher, played by Jessica Tandy, who takes cares for him as he does for her.

Paul Newman’s performance in this ranks up with his roles in Slap Stick, Cool Hand Luke, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The supporting cast is spot on, including Bruce Willis as a corner-cutting general contractor, Melanie Griffith as Willis’ exasperated wife, and a funny cameo by Philip Seymour Hoffman as a not-so-smart cop.

This is a superb adaptation of Richard Russo’s novel of the same name.

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