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Cycle Oregon 2012!

Woo Hoo!  I have signed up for the Cycle Oregon 2012 edition, that odd mix of pleasure and pain. 

My buddy Tim and I had discussed doing the Cycle Oregon this year, thinking back on our last Cycle Oregon in 2002.  That ride remains a good memory, with both friends and family participating, including both of my sons Jon and Ben, my friends Tim and Mark, and my Dad, at age 72.  This year promises to be more difficult, with more climbing than in 2002.

Tim called me a few hours before the registration opened and said, “Let’s go for it”, and advised me to sign up quickly, because it is limited to 2,200 cyclists, and it was expected to fill up rapidly this year.  We signed up, as it turned out in the nick of time:  Registration was closed within 48 minutes of its opening!  The registration occurred so quickly that I was unable to get my son Ben registered, also: Disappointment!

Route Information

-Cycle Oregon,

Cycle Oregon 2012 - route map. Cycle Oregon.


Overall Distance: between 416 and 489 miles

Climb: between 21,170 and 28,700 feet

Altitude: between 1,890 and 7,720 ft

Day Ride (RideWithGPS Maps) Start Finish Distance Climb Summit
1, Sat 9/08 High Lonesome Bly Silver Lake 69 mi 3,100 ft 6,190 ft
2, Sun 9/09 Marsh Madness Silver Lake Fort Klamath 81 mi 1,660 ft 5,103 ft
3, Mon 9/10 Up, Down & All the Way Around Fort Klamath Prospect 61 mi 3,260 ft 7,105 ft
with Crater Rim option 88 mi 6,400 ft 7,720 ft
4, Tue 9/11 The Long and Winding Road Prospect Ashland 76 mi 5,260 ft 5,220 ft
5, Wed 9/12 option 1 Peak Experience Ashland Ashland 26 mi 2,550 ft 4,000 ft
option 2 46 mi 5,300 ft 6,590 ft
6, Thu 9/13 Riding the Crest Ashland Klamath Falls 65 mi 5,030 ft 5,414,ft
7, Fri 9/14 Bly and the Big Blue Sky Klamath Falls Bly 64 mi 1,856 ft 5,090 ft

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