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Home brewing: Yeast is your friend

After many years on home brew hiatus, my son Jon and I have begun brewing beer together, now that he has finished his arduous post-grad studies and has time for something other than work.  We have managed to brew two batches of beer so far, and a third is nearly finished conditioning.  We have made all of the mistakes one can make starting out, but thankfully all of the beers are drinkable.
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Would you let your child play football?

Growing up, football and basketball were my favorite sports. I played plenty of tackle and touch football, on teams and with friends and family. Yet later as parents, when our boys played high school sports, my wife and I did not allow them to play tackle football:  We felt that with the amount and severity of injuries in football, the risk was too high. Given the recent revelations of long-term injuries in football, the question can be asked anew:  Would we have let our children play football today, or more urgently, would we want our grandchildren to play football today?

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Bicycle Dreams (2009)

Director: Stephen Auerbach

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Bicycle dreams?

Bicycle Dreams is a documentary about the Race Across America (RAAM), an annual beyond-insane bicycle race across the U.S. Few ride it, those who finish do it in less than two weeks, and ride almost the entire time. It is only a matter of time before all participants begin to hallucinate, and some have been injured and killed because of it.