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"There is always an easy solution to every human problem - neat, plausible, and wrong."(H.L. Mencken, Mencken Chrestomathy, p. 443 )  

vox.com is a brand-new website dedicated to presenting and analyzing news and public policy.   Rather than oversimplify for the sake of concision or demagoguery, Vox.com intends to provide more depth of coverage in an accessible way.   Ezra Klein, a well-known journalist, leads the effort.

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Modern-Life, Observations.

The Era of Open Information

The ascendant Era of Open Information might be described as freely available online content from a vast number of sources.  Today, unlike fifteen years ago, I can access media that I had been entirely unaware of, or had no access to, or simply could not afford, via an Internet browser and a search engine, including any number of venerable magazines and newspapers, without paying for it.  Will this last?

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Oregon Scribbler.


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The Bible Tells Me So, continued (3)

A reader commented on my second post regarding the Bible and homosexuality:
Do I make [GLBT people] feel unloved? Well if you are a sincere Christian, then no, setting out intentionally to make them feel unloved is not an option. As you note, love is a key goal in Jesus teaching, whether one believes that homosexual sex is sinful or not.
This is a loving response.  It probably wouldn't need to be mentioned, were there not so many who profess to be Christians who are openly and markedly unloving in their response to that community. Yet the kind of charity the reader goes on to describe is limited. See my response in defense of a more supportive view.