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Evolution + Intelligent Design = 42

Are evolutionary biology, intelligent design and the existence of God compatible? A reasonable case can be made for it, particularly if one relaxes their culture warrior muscles for a moment, and considers the argument that: science offers little tangible evidence of abiogenesis, the spontaneous creation of life from inanimate material, leaving room for God as the creator of the initial life forms; that God could just as well have created the remainder of life via the slow mechanism of biological evolution. This is not a new argument, and finds a much larger audience than the shouters like to acknowledge.

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Halting steps to soul freedom

Book Book Review, Title The Global Public Square, Author Os. Guinness, Rating 2.5,

The Global Public Square

Os. Guinness

Book Review

Os Guiness' The Global Public Square oscillates between a Utopian call for a universal human rights and a sectarian application of those rights, as if the author was of two minds, wrestling with the views of Roger Williams and James Dobson.

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The capacious heart of Marilynne Robinson

Book Book Review, Title When I Was a Child I Read Books, Author Marilynne Robinson, Rating 4.0,

When I Was a Child I Read Books

Marilynne Robinson

Book Review

Marilynne Robinson shines in her latest essays: When I Was a Child I Read Books. In them she lays out her vision of the American Dream, celebrating the strengths of the American way of life, marked by its liberality, sense of community, and generosity, her view informed by a non-sectarian Christian respect for the soul.
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Paul, simply

Book Book Review, Title What Paul Meant, Author Garry Wills, Rating 4.0,

What Paul Meant

Garry Wills

Book Review

In What Paul Meant, Garry Wills translates the authentic Pauline letters himself, and combines a careful translation of the koiné Greek with modern scholarship to suggest that Paul, who is the modern intellectual's favorite whipping boy as the man who distorted Jesus' message, is in fact a faithful interpreter of the Jesus of the Gospels.

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The origins of modern society

Book Book Review, Title Protestantism and Progress, Author Ernst Troeltsch, Rating 3.5,

Protestantism and Progress

Ernst Troeltsch

Book Review

Ernst Troeltsch was a fin de siècle Protestant theologian who wrote Protestantism and Progress: A Historical Study of Protestantism and the Modern World. This work, along with his friend Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, both written just before World War I, are reasoned historical treatments of the influence of Protestantism on the perceived and potential progress of Western society. They provide effective contrast to the often simplistic and one-sided efforts by Protestant Evangelicals to do the same, such as Francis Schaeffer's How Should We Then Live?

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My favorite inquisitor

Ross Douthat, the American conservative apologist, a Catholic and a right-wing Republican, wrote a book a few years back entitled Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics. In it Ross argues that America can only be steered away from its benighted direction if it embraces religious orthodoxy, and not just any orthodoxy, but that of Christianity, by which he means his sect, Catholicism, which he describes as a highly paradoxical religion whose orthodox views provide a necessary and hard won narrative: The one true synthesis of those paradoxical elements.
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Convivencia is a state of mind

Book Book Review, Title People of the Book, Author Geraldine Brooks, Rating 4.0,

People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks

Book Review

Geraldine Brook's historical novel, People of the Book, tells the fascinating and uplifting story of how people of different faiths created and protected a Jewish book of worship known as the Sarajevo Haggadah for over five hundred years, a period marked by much religious conflict.