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Is truculence alienation?

Movie Review, Title Five Easy Pieces, Studio Columbia TriStar, Rating 3.0,

Five Easy Pieces (1970)

Director: Bob Rafelson

Movie Review

The movie Five Easy Pieces was all the rage when it was made, a tale of alienation in a time when many fancied themselves agents of great change, so I decided to finally watch the whole thing, having only seen the famous chicken sandwich scene. Jack Nicholson's performance was excellent. The film, alas, for me, was too psychologically brutal to enjoy, and left me wondering what the point was.

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Broadway Danny Rose: A movie that never gets old

Pocket Review, Title Broadway Danny Rose, Studio MGM/UA, Rating 4.5,

Broadway Danny Rose (1984)

Director: Woody Allen

Pocket Review

The top of my Woody Allen movie list is reserved for Broadway Danny Rose'. The movie opens with a scene at the Carnegie Deli, with a bunch of (actual) Borscht Belt comedians swapping stories on a lazy afternoon, and one of them begins to tell Danny’s story. Danny is a very small-time theatrical agent in New York City, kind of the Charlie Brown of agents, who never seems to get a break. He works his butt off for small-time acts: Balloon folders, waterglass musicians,one-legged tap-dancers, stuttering ventriloquists, and the like.

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Did Vermeer do it with mirrors?

Painter David Hockney has suggested that Vermeer and other photo-realistic painters like Caravaggio used optical projections techniques to assist in the production of their startlingly real paintings. This has been met with a good deal of skepticism in the art world, in particular because the means and tools for the technique are not forthcoming.  Enter tech inventor Tim Jenison. 
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Days of Our Lives has an opening on their writing staff

Pocket Review, Title August: Osage County, Studio The Weinstein Company, Rating 2.5,

August: Osage County (2013)

Director: John Wells

Pocket Review

August: Osage County is a tale of a family that lives in inherited emotional pain, most of them whom lash out and hurt rather than coming to help each other. There is some hint of redemption: Two in this circle become lovers, almost too late in life, finally finding some solace in each other and starting to create a life for themselves, moving against the unloving spirit that surrounds them.

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Watching Woody Allen movies – or not

When I first met my future wife, one of the things we quickly found in common was that we both enjoyed Woody Allen movies. Over the years, we watched perhaps half of his movies together, until he started a public relationship with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn. I was appalled by this, even though he wasn't her adopted father, and technically it was not incest, I felt he had crossed the line regarding his responsibility as an adult and a 'parent', whatever the legalities. I stopped watching his films for some period.