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Candid, loving portrait of Dad

Book Pocket Review, Title Sh*t My Dad Says, Author Justin Halpern, Rating 3.5, Candid, loving portrait of Dad

Sh*t My Dad Says

Justin Halpern

Pocket Review

Pungent humor is the outward appeal of this loving and candid portrait of Dad; that it is often poignant and contains a surprising amount of insight is the hidden delight.

Justin Halpern quotes his father’s imparted wisdom from his childhood all the way up to his recent writing of the book. His father is blunt, earthy, and unafraid to express himself regarding any subject; he essentially has no governor. The resulting expressions are sometimes good, and sometimes not so good, but will almost always bring a smile, a laugh, and occasionally a laugh out loud. Justin’s Dad grows on you, despite and finally because of his unyielding point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading experience.

Thanks for the father’s day gift, Cindy!

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