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Reference Books

A History Of Western Morals, Crane Brinton, Internet Archive. 'A History of Western Morals brings together an impressive range of knowledge of Western civilization. From the ancient cultures of the Near East, through the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds, to the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the Age of Reason and the twentieth century, Crane Brinton searches human history for the meaning of ethics. A History of Western Morals raises controversial conclusions about the value of religion in society, the practices of sex, the nature of crime and the possibility of progress.' Paperback. Reference 2017-12-20.

A Short History Of Philosophy, Robert C. Solomon Ph.D., Weebcentral Library. 'Philosophy is a singularly expansive enterprise, a fascinating outgrowth of a human nature that demands we question who and why we are. In A Short History of Philosophy, the most accessible concise portrait of philosophy in seventy years, Robert Solomon and Kathleen Higgins meet the challenge of accurately and engagingly describing it all, revelling in philosophy as 'the art of wonder,' the search for meaning, a gripping, dramatic endeavor. Here is the entire history of philosophy--ancient, medieval, and modern, from cultures both East and West--described in its historical and cultural context. 'The concepts that lie at the heart of philosophy antedate history by thousands of years,' the authors write in their introduction, noting that the ancient concept of immortality, prehistorical ideas about magic, and the complex set of beliefs implied by the practice of human sacrifice all exhibit philosophic underpinnings. Solomon and Higgins chart the profound development of philosophical thought around the world and through the centuries from the first stirrings of speculation and wonder to the rise of distinct (and often antithetical) philosophical traditions, moral constructs, and religious practices. From the early Greek and Asian philosophers and the mythological traditions that preceded them, to the great Greek, Indic, and Chinese philosophers, to the drama of the great religious philosophies, the authors have spun a marvelous tale that leads to the development and decline of modernity. Along with the major characters, such as Aristotle, Kant, and Confucius, Solomon and Higgins draw engaging portraits of less well-known alchemists, mystics, rebels, eccentrics of all sorts, including figures often ignored in philosophy--figures such as Teresa of Avila, who contributed to the mystical traditions of Catholicism; al-Razi, a contrarian Persian philosopher within the Arabic tradition who described the philosophical life as 'godlike;' and Erasmus, the Dutch philosopher who p' Hardcover. Reference 2017-12-14.

Asimov's Guide To The Bible, Isaac Asimov, Weebcentral Library. This is an excellent reference for historical, geographical, and biographical aspects of the events described in the Old and New Testaments. Asimov does provide some basic discussion of the Bible's many obscure, mysterious passages, also. Hardcover. Reference 2016-07-11.

Performing in Extreme Environments, Lawrence E. Armstrong, Weebcentral Library. The chapter on Heat and Humidity was the source of interest here, to get a better understanding of strategies for water and electrolyte replacement while exercising, particularly while cycling. Paperback. Reference 2016-04-08. Recommended by my son Jon. This was one of his textbooks for Sports Medicine.

The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, Sir James George Frazer, Weebcentral Library. 'The work of Sir James G. Frazer (1854-1941) ranged widely across classics, cultural history, folklore and literary criticism as well as anthropology. This is a reprint of his most famous book.' Kindle. Reference 2016-02-04.

Main Currents of Western Thought: Readings in Western Europe Intellectual History from the Middle Ages to the Present, Fourth Edition, Baumer, Weebcentral Library. A course of study regarding Western Civilization is often accompanied by a book such as this, a collection of excerpts from historical influential thinkers. This is the best I have come across, with strong short summaries of many of the excerpts, and excellent multi-page summaries of specific eras. Paperback. Reference 2014-02-04. A gift from my wife, Cindy, for Christmas 2012.

Molecular Cell Biology, Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk, Paul Matsudaira, Chris A. Kaiser, Monty Krieger, Matthew P. Scott, Lawrence Zipursky, James Darnell, Weebcentral Library. 'Molecular Cell Biology stands out from its peers in this course in that it provides a clear introduction to the techniques and experiments of scientists past and present, not just an “encyclopedia” of information.  This experimental emphasis, together with a solid pedagogical framework in the chapters, provides the clearest, most cutting-edge text available.' Hardcover. Reference 2011-11-30.

The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James, Project Gutenberg. 'American pastoral counseling movement, and beyond its role in spawning the psychology of religion, it remains a book that empowers individuals and inspires readers with erudition, insight, and kindness. No discussion of current religion - from the fundamentalist revival to the New Age movement - is complete without an appreciation of this groundbreaking work.' Paperback. Reference 2011-06-08.

The Counter-Creationism Handbook, Mark Isaak, Weebcentral Library. Excellent. Use as a reference to research Creationist and Intelligent Design claims regarding the Theory of Evolution. Well-organized, complete, and carefully argued. The source of all assertions are fully documented. The entire book has been published on an open website here. Paperback. Reference 2010-04-13.

The New York Times Guide To Essential Knowledge, New York Times editors, Weebcentral Library. 'The new standard in reference from the nation's leasing newspaper:A thorough, authoritative, easy-to-use guide offering deeper coverage on a broad range of essential subjects.Whether you are researching the history of the world, interested in learning more about an obscure medical procedure, exploring environmental trends, studying a great work of literature, looking for tips on how to improve your crossword puzzle skills, or just trying to gain a deeper understanding of the latest current events, this book is for you. An indispensable resource for every home, office, dorm room, and library, The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge includes insightful sidebars by Times writers, and covers major categories including art, astronomy, business, sports, history, medicine, philosophy, photography, biology, film, and much more!Years in the making, this one volume is designed to offer more information than any other book on the most popular subjects as well as providing easy-to-access data vital for everyday living. It is the only comprehensive reference book to include authoritative, engaging in-depth essays from experts in almost every field of endeavor, with innovative cross-referencing to allow for to even greater understanding.Featuring:- Biographical dictionary of nearly one thousand of the most important people of every field- Writers Guide to grammar, usage and style - The United States Constitution - The most complete sports section of any one-volume reference book- A thirty-thousand-word history of the world - Crossword dictionary' Hardcover. Reference 2006-09-03.

The Story of Civilization (11 Volumes), Will Durant, Weebcentral Library. In the 1950's and 1960's, families bought encyclopedia sets from door-to-door salesmen. Sometimes as a 'bonus', The Story of Civilization was thrown in. How lucky for me! As a boy, I found Durant's narrative mastery fascinating. Reading sections, always just sections, of his Story to learn about some aspect of history aroused an abiding and life-long interest in the reading of history. Hardcover. Reference 1990-04-01.
Books in the Story of Civilization series:
The Story Of Civilization, Volume 1: Our Oriental Heritage
The Story Of Civilization, Volume 2: The Life of Greece
The Story of Civilization Vol 3: Caesar and Christ
The Story of Civilization Vol 4: The Age of Faith
The Story Of Civilization, Volume 5: The Renaissance
The Story of Civilization Vol 7: The Age of Reason Begins
The Story of Civilization Vol 8: The Age of Louis XIV
The Story of Civilization Vol 9: The Age of Voltaire
The Story of Civilization Vol 10: Rousseau And Revolution
The Story of Civilization Vol 11: The Age of Napoleon

The Annotated Shakespeare: The Comedies, Histories, Sonnets and Other Poems, Tragedies and Romances Complete (Three Volume Set in Slipcase), William Shakespeare, Weebcentral Library. Hardcover. Reference 1987-04-06.

Flora of the Pacific Northwest, C. Leo Hitchcock, Arthur Cronquist, Weebcentral Library. Flora of the Pacific Northwest is an excellent dichotomous key of indigenous regional flora. It served as one of my texts for a college class in Systematic Botany, which I feared would be deathly dull, and so proved the lectures, but the laboratory unexpectedly turned out to be a rewarding journey exploring the world without and the world within. Hardcover. Reference 1980-05-15.

Selected Scientific Papers - Volume I, Linus Pauling, Multnomah County Library. Linus Pauling wrote a stellar series of over 800 scientific papers spanning an amazing range of fields, some of which he himself initiated. This book is a selection of the most important of his writings in the fields of quantum mechanics, chemical bonding (covalent, ionic, metallic, and hydrogen bonding), molecular rotation and entropy, protein structure, hemoglobin, molecular disease, molecular evolution, the antibody mechanism, the molecular basis of anesthesia, orthomolecular medicine, radiation chemistry/biology, and nuclear structure. Through these papers the reader gets a fresh, unfiltered view of the genius of Pauling's many contributions to chemistry, chemical physics, molecular biology, and molecular medicine. - Of particular interest is his seminal paper on the Chemical Bond. ProQuest eBook. Reference

Burnham's Celestial Handbook: An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System, Robert Burnham, Weebcentral Library. This handbook is well-known among star-gazers for its wealth of information on stellar objects observable by the naked eye or a low-magnification telescopes. I re-read the introductory chapters because they provide a succinct but relatively thorough description of the basis for astronomical inferences. Paperback. Reference A gift from Scottie, who is an inveterate observer of the night skies.
Books in the Burnhams Celestial Handbook series:
Burnham's Celestial Handbook: Voume I, Andromeda through Cetus
Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume II Chamaeleon through Orion
Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume III Pavo through Vulpecula

Feynman's Lectures on Physics, Richard Feynman, Weebcentral Library. Paperback. Reference
Books in the Feynmans Lectures series:
The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume I: Mainly Mechanics, Radiation, and Heat
The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume II: Mainly Electromagnetism and Matter
The Feynman Lectures On Physics, Volume III: Quantum Mechanics

The Encyclopedia Of Mythology, Arthur Cotterell, Weebcentral Library. 'This volume features the ancient tales of three compelling cultures: the mythology of Classical Greece and Rome; the fairytale myths of the Celtic world; and, from Northern Europe, tales of Germanic gods, Nordic warriors, and fearsome giants. Arthur Cotterell, an internationally renowned expert on mythology across cultures, describes central mythical figures with wit and authority, retelling ancient legends as spellbinding, intriguing accounts of past ages.The ancient tales in this volume are brought to life through a wealth of imagery that spans fifteen centuries of fine art; illustrations also include specially-commissioned photographs and drawings that focus on important and recurring mythological themes, including Oracles and Prophecies, Magic and Enchantment, Voyagers, Heroes, Giants, and Sorcery and Spells.' Hardcover. Reference

The Thames And Hudson Dictionary Of Art Terms, Edward Lucie-Smith, Weebcentral Library. 'What exactly is neoexpressionism? the difference between applique and appliqué? the part of a city known as the acropolis? or the painting technique called gouache? In this authoritative and concise dictionary, more than 2,000 entries embrace the vast vocabulary of painting and sculpture, architecture and photography, and the decorative, applied, and graphic arts. The hundreds of illustrations and diagrams play a vital role as information: art movements become immediately recognizable by a representative painting, and the defining features of each order of architecture are identifiable at a glance.' Kindle. Reference

Historical Atlas of the World, , Weebcentral Library. Paperback. Reference Inherited from my father-in-law Burt

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Volume 1, Thomas Jefferson, Lyman Henry Butterfield, Julian P. Boyd, Weebcentral Library. Kindle. Reference

Art Of The Western World, Bruce Cole, Weebcentral Library. 'An illustrated survey of the history of Western art examines the societies, values, and ideals that shaped the development of painting, sculpture, and architecture, from ancient Greece to the present' Hardcover. Reference

The Art Book, Phaidon, Weebcentral Library. 'Depicts five hundred paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the present, each by a different artist, in alphabetical order by artist, with a brief description of the work and its place in art history and in the artist's career' Paperback. Reference

The Penguin Historical Atlases, Hermann Kinder, Werner Hilgemann, Colin McEvedy, John Channon, Weebcentral Library. Paperback. Reference
Books in the The Penguin Historical Atlases series:
The Penguin Atlas Of World History: Volume 1 - From Prehistory To The Eve Of The French Revolution
The Penguin Atlas Of World History: Volume 2 - From the French Revolution to the Present
The Penguin Atlas Of Ancient History
The Penguin Atlas Of Medieval History
The Penguin Historical Atlas Of Russia
The Penguin Historical Atlas Of The Third Reich

Modern European Art (World Of Art), Alan Bowness, Weebcentral Library. 'The author shows how tradition and experiment have enriched each other in a period which has turned upside down - and in some cases destroyed - virtually every assumption about art. This is a skilful demonstration of how the movements which followed Impressionism, from Expressionism to abstraction and Abstract Expressionism, evolved and diverged from each other, while examining the contributions of major artists such as Cézanne, Picasso, Mondrian and Kandinsky. Separate chapters follow the dramatic developments in architecture and sculpture.' Paperback. Reference

Atlas Of Oregon, Stuart Allan, William G. Loy, Weebcentral Library. Paperback. Reference

World Architecture: An Illustrated History, Seton Lloyd, Weebcentral Library. Hardcover. Reference

Historical Atlas Of The Pacific Northwest: Maps Of Exploration And Discovery: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Yukon, Derek Hayes, Weebcentral Library. 'A one-of-a-kind collection of maps created by the navigators, explorers, and cartographers who first charted the Northwest.Representing four centuries of discovery and exploration, this unique reference book is a must-have for anyone interested in Northwest history. The Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest showcases more than 320 original maps, many never before published. Here are the maps of explorers such as Cook, Vancouver, Bodega y Quadra, Mackenzie, Thompson, and Lewis and Clark. Here too are maps created during boundary disputes, land purchases, the plotting of town sites, and surveys for railroads. Combined with historical background, these maps take the reader on an amazing visual journey through the discovery and development of the Northwest.' Hardcover. Reference

Theories Of The Universe, Milton Karl Munitz, Weebcentral Library. 'The theoretical physicist shares his latest thoughts on the nature of space and time in this anthology of selections from Princeton University Press. Along with eminent colleagues, Hawking extends theoretical frontiers by speculating on the big questions of modern cosmology.' Kindle. Reference

Rembrandt Paintings, Horst Gerson, Weebcentral Library. '1978, hardcover edition (of the 1968 edition), contains all the original illustrations, with an additional 50 new color plates, which have been added to the 'Catalog Illustration' section, Harrison House, NY. Printed in Japan. Huge, oversize title, 527 pages. 140 full-color plates, 500 b&w illustrations.' Hardcover. Reference

A Short Account Of The History Of Mathematics, W.W. Rouse Ball, Weebcentral Library. 'This text remains one of the clearest, most authoritative and most accurate works in the field. The standard history treats hundreds of figures and schools instrumental in the development of mathematics, from the Phoenicians to such 19th-century giants as Grassman, Galois, and Riemann.' Paperback. Reference

Feudalism, F.L. Ganshof, Weebcentral Library. Paperback. Reference

From Abacus To Zeus, James Smith Pierce, Marilyn Stokstad, Frederick Hartt, Helen Louise GARDNER, Weebcentral Library. 'Designed as a comprehensive supplement to Janson's History of Art, Sixth Edition, Hartt's Art, Fourth Edition, Gardner's Art Through the Ages, Eleventh Edition, and Stokstad's Art History (Revised) — but also appropriate as a stand-alone brief reference volume — this handbook defines the most common terms used in discussing the history of visual arts, relating them to specific works illustrated in these standard volumes. Topics covered include art terms, processes, and principles, gods, heroes, and monsters, Christian subjects, saints and their attributes, Christian signs and symbols, chronology of painters, photographers, sculptors, and architects, as well as maps, and a directory of museum websites. For art and art history enthusiasts.' Kindle. Reference

The Penguin Dictionary Of Science, E.B. Uvarov, Alan Isaacs, Weebcentral Library. Paperback. Reference

U.S. Holocaust Museum Encyclopedia Of Camps And Ghettos, 1933-1945, , . Kindle. Reference

The Landmark Thucydides, Thucydides, Weebcentral Library. 'Thucydides called his account of two decades of war between Athens and Sparta 'a possession for all time,' and indeed it is the first and still the most famous work in the Western historical tradition. Considered essential reading for generals, statesmen, and liberally educated citizens for more than 2,000 years. The Peloponnesian War is a mine of military, moral, political, and philosophical wisdom.' Hardcover. Reference

Dictionary Of Philosophy And Religion: Eastern And Western Thought, William L. Reese, Weebcentral Library. 'This authoritative volume is encyclopedic in scope, standing as the best resource in the field, with more than 4,000 entries.' Paperback. Reference A gift from my father-in-law Burt, Christmas 2001

The Timetables Of History, Bernard Grun, Weebcentral Library. 'Vast and absorbing, spanning millennia of human history, The Timetables of History, achieves a goal in the study of the past that is unmatched by any other reference volume -- it gives us a sweeping overview of the making of the contemporary world. This remarkable book maps out at a glance what was happening simultaneously, from the dawn of history to the present day. Never before has progress been presented with such clarity or with a view that fully captures the essence and the excitement of civilization. Completely updated, featuring: * Recent breakthroughs in science and technology * New achievements in the visual arts and music * Milestones in religion, philosophy, and learning * The rise and fall of nations and the emergence of historic figures * Landmarks in the drama of daily life' Paperback. Reference

Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary Of The English Language, Rh Value Publishing, Weebcentral Library. 'This is the absolute best and most up-to-date dictionary on the value market today. The only value dictionary based on Random House's authoritative second edition, which Newsweek called 'The best American unabridged dictionary'. An affordable and indispensable reference book for home, school and office.' Hardcover. Reference

Modern Physics, Kenneth S. Krane, School books. 'This is a much awaited revision of a modern classic that covers all the major topics in modern physics, including relativity, quantum physics, and their applications. Krane provides a balanced presentation of both the historical development of all major modern physics concepts and the experimental evidence supporting the theory.' Hardcover. Reference

Introductory Nuclear Physics, Kenneth S. Krane, School books. 'This comprehensive text provides an introduction to basic nuclear physics, including nuclear decays and reactions and nuclear structure, while covering the essential areas of basic research and practical applications. Its emphasis on phenomonology and the results of real experiments distinguish this from all other texts available. Discussions of theory are reinforced with examples which illustrate and apply the theoretical formulism, thus aiding students in their reading and analysis of current literature. The text is designed to provide a core of material for students with minimal background in mathematics or quantum theory and offers more sophisticated material in separate sections.' Hardcover. Reference

Physics, Volume 2, David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Kenneth S. Krane, School books. Hardcover. Reference

Theoretical Physics, Georg Joos, Weebcentral Library. 'Classic one-volume treatise covers mathematical topics needed by theoretical and experimental physicists (vector analysis, calculus of variations, etc.), followed by extensive coverage of mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and nuclear physics. Indispensable reference for graduates and undergraduates.' Paperback. Reference